REAL-TIME, scalable analyses of social data streams provide you with DEEP INSIGHTS and ACTIONABLE INFORMATION for better decision-making.

The Right Tools

Temporal and Spatial Analysis

Exploratory analysis of a campaign on spatial and temporal dimensions.


Network analysis identifies influential users. Discover who-talks-to-whom.

Comprehensive Statistics

Broken down just the way you want them.

Information Relevance

Are you interested in apples, or Apple Inc? We can tell the difference.

Dashboard of Trending Topics

Watch the topics trending right now as well as the real-time stream of tweets for your campaign.

Sentiment and Emotion Analysis

Analyze real-world entities represented by different terms, topics and hashtags.

Campaign Examples


Twitris provides a robust and scalable system for analysis of depression related Twitter data, news articles, location data, images, videos and knowledge sources (e.g., Wikipedia). Key technological capabilities of the Twitris platform such as location-based data analysis, social trend detection, topic-specific sentiment extraction and emotion analysis. Large-scale data analytics are used to study community level depression trends and factors associated with the depression.

Gender-based Violence

Twitris provides a comprehensive summary of what is being discussed, where, and by whom. It provides the capability to explore data summaries by aggregating them under automatically extracted key topics over various dimensions, such as topics by sentiment and region or time. The ability to easily slice and dice the summarized data eases information overload and provides actionable information, like societal beliefs, or the lack of laws in a region, to decision makers.

Kashmir Floods

Twitris provides the capability to identify and engage with key influencers in social media communities to spread critical information, verify information, and counter rumors aid in relief and rescue coordination. Built-in features filter the key actionable information. Need-to-rescue related messages can be redirect to rescue operations as used during the Jammu and Kashmir floods. Evacuated zone information extracted from data provided situational awareness.

Media Coverage

Digital soldiers emerge heroes in Kashmir flood rescue, Hindustan Times, September 09, 2014

[Discusses rescue coordination effort by my PhD student Hemant Purohit, and the use of Kno.e.sis' Twitris technology (partly funded by NSF) by digital volunteers.]

How Twitter community reacted over Union Budget 2014, OneIndia News, July 23, 2014

[Analysis of 30K tweets related to India's 2014 Union budget using Twitris. Also credited: my students Revathy Krishnamurthy, Jeremy Brunn and Alan Smith]

How big data has changed India elections, CNBC, April 10, 2014

[Mentions some actionable information my group has produced using Twitris on actual on the ground use in activities associated with India Elections 2014]

India's social media election battle, BBC News, Mar 30, 2014

[Includes coverage of our analysis of India 2014 Election using Twitris]

Twitris: Taking Crisis Mapping to the Next Level, Tech President, June 24, 2013

[In-depth on use of Twitris in Crisis Mapping/Disaster Response, Political Movement and Campaigns; also credited: my student Hemant Purohit]

Election 2012: The Semantic Recap,, Nov 08, 2012

[Reviews how well Twitris did in predicting/analyzing US Predential Election 2012 and the deeper insights semantic web technology enables]

Picking the President: Twindex, Twitris Track Social Media Electorate,,Aug 3, 2012

[Comparison of Twitris with other tools monitoring/analyzing US Presidential Elections 2012]

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