Kashmir Floods Monitoring

Twitris, NSF SOCS research team supporting Jammu & Kashmir (India) floods relief initiative jkfloodrelief.org


The independent initiative of @JKFloodRelief (now scaled into @InCrisisRelief) involves aggregating public information on the Web and Social Media by the online volunteers in collaboration with reliable on-ground local efforts of voluntary organizations. Our goal is to support update on priority needs for relief, donation collection centers, and donation transportation logistics for public awareness on what to help via donations, where and how, and therefore, avoid mismatching of what is needed vs. what is offered. Voluntary and local organizations have been instrumental in setup for updating on the priorities, donation collection centers, preparing kits for shipments, receiving, and our collaboration is to support their commendable local efforts.
@JKFloodRelief team of digital volunteers is collaborating with local efforts to assist their relief work. Our team has core members (alphabetical: @hemant_pt, @ivak99, @parrysingh, @Raheelk, @silverlightgal, @surendranb, @tw_bhav, @_vidyakrishnan), supporting coordinators @harsh_sync, @MePiyush, and a collaborative support from IndiGo Airlines for shipping all over India, as well as several voluntary organizations, Goonj, Sajid Iqbal Foundation, Uday foundation, Twitter India, Kno.e.sis Center, Google India, Cipla, DeVil On Wheels, Biocon, and Emami. We are expanding to support local on-ground efforts more effectively. We are coordinating over group chats, twitter, mails, and google groups.

Please donate the essential needs for the relief operations in the badly affected areas by floods in Jammu and Kashmir.
You can see the essential needs here
  • Sept 11, 2014. Knoesis team continued help on backend of our volunteer coordination at jkfloodrelief.org, and put up a Actionable Social Stream & Map on Twitris-v2 to help our volunteers track two important priorities: Need-to-rescue vs. Rescued/Evacuated, first for redirecting #sos requests to rescue operations, second for creating evacuation zones list. Twitris Influencer Analysis also kept in action for reaching out to both the callers of help, and to spread out information quickly. Currently Twitris-dev team with our other collaborator Google Crisis Response, is working on extraction of locations mentioned in the text to quickly locate requests for help, and evacuations.
  • Sept 10, 2014. Kno.e.sis team helped in coordination and volunteer management, and the twitter redirection for #SoS over the day, gearing up early morning to support initiative. Twitris research tool for influencer analysis being used by few volunteers for tweeting out to spread the word and engage with needy via influencers, and they noted a lot of RTs as well as rescue help reaching them using such engagement. Currently Twitris team is working on building a clear actionable map to assist our #sos messages redirection using its automated tweet mapping technology.

Technology-assisted monitoring for automatically extracted tweets for relief coordination support:
Check this Actionable Social Streams & Map for Needs-to-Rescue and Rescued/Evacuated classified tweets messages, being monitored by our volunteers for quicker action.
Here are some automatically extracted tweets for relief donation and requests to help related messages: