Interpreting Network Analysis

  1. Why network analysis?
    1. Who are the most influential users talking about Tea Party in OWS?
    2. How do these influential set of users connect among themselves and what type of users they are- journalists, politics enthusiast, activists, etc. [If they are strongly connected, their view-point has power to revolutionize community dynamics]
    3. How and why does community evolve in such movement (*Extension of the current widget) We provide context specific influencers and their interaction network tools to answer these questions.
  2. Why a strongly connected influencer community of people talking about Tea Party as compared to Republican or Democrats?
    1. Tea Party supporters have greater presence in OWS movement
    2. Who are the emerging leaders in such communities?
      • Top 10 are dominated by Politics and Journalism enthusiasts
  3. Barack Obama is ranked lesser than other democrat enthusiasts in democrats topical community, Why?
    • Because community is being driven by other emerging leaders in the current context and not by established but casually engaged leaders!
  4. Why community for OccupyLA is less sparsed than for OccupyChicago?
    • OccupyLA is highly organized and active community as compared to OccupyChicago. Even facebook page for OccupyLA reflects such activism.
  5. How will you assist the coordination of the organizing team using such tool?
    • Lets say, its a scenario of emergency response:
      • Identify influencers in the community of resources providers and needs
      • Identify bridges connecting pre-defined informal communities, which can be leveraged for aid in emergency time
      • Identify the engagement potential of influencer by interaction network

Data Stats

Occupy Wall Street Event (Feb 2 2012)

  • Total number of processed tweets: 4.1 M
  • Total number of spotted entities: 1.6 M
  • Total number of spotted hashtags: 9 M
  • Total number of extracted URLs: 2.2 M
  • Total number of Twitter users: 0.6 M

Exploring OWS

Question 1: "Who are the dead people that are mentioned in the context of OWS movement?"


  1. Rosa Parks: 639 times
    "The people looking down on #OWS protesters are the ones who would've looked at Rosa Parks and said "Why can't you just take a seat?""
  2. Howard Zinn: 415 times
    "Howard Zinn on Anarchism and Marxism-: #occupywallstreet #occupyoakland #gbtv #tcot The New Left #ocra RT @boogiefinger"

Question 2: "What are the different professions of the people being mentioned in the OWS movement?"


  1. Benjamin Franklin, Politician
    "RT @Think_Quotes_: He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money. - Benjamin Franklin #OWS #Occupy"

Tag Cloud Reports News for Occupy Oakland

Context (from

January 29 -- Occupy Oakland protesters marched to occupy a vacant building for a community center and new HQ. The police deployed tear gas, flash grenades, and rubber bullets and protesters responded with flares and bottles. The protesters noted the increased level of violence of police and lack of dispersal orders or exit routes. Later, more than 300 protesters were arrested in an afternoon march. Some who escaped arrest entered City Hall, stole an American flag from the City Council chamber and set it on fire.